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Objective Behavior Monitoring

Current monitoring and intervention solutions in K-12 public schools, to the extent they exist at all, are predominantly paper and pencil. This process is slow and tedious. The cost is teacher time and inconsistent collection practices.


Our software platform helps K-12 education take a giant step forward. Current inconsistent and time-consuming methods have a direct aversive effect on the fidelity of implementation. No other program serves the needs of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) or Response to Intervention (RtI) and Special Education holistically.


Our real-time mobile behavior monitoring platform integrated with an iOS mobile app and administrative web portal will change this. By focusing on objective criteria and real-time monitoring, which increases with specificity to meet the intensity of student need, our platform is like no other.

Realtime Fidelity

Systematically, the scientific process in K-12 special education thrives on the fundamental idea of determining need, implementing support, and measuring success. The success of our educational system is contingent on the ability of education professionals to identify, implement, and measure.


Behaviorally speaking, snapshot measures are infrequent, often done without objective observational criteria, or, in some cases, based entirely on subjective teacher perceptions; the fidelity with which this behavior system operates becomes nothing more than a theoretical shell.


Our solution offers education professionals a platform which mirrors real-time experience. The data that drives identification, the choice of interventions or supports, and allows educators to determine if what they are doing is working or not will be the logged reflection of this real-time image.This software provides a mechanism to have data-driven conversations about measureable student behavioral data that are objective.

We Share the Learning

Longitudinally, not only will we be able to provide schools with the most frequently occurring classroom behaviors, we will be able to indicate which behavioral interventions are most effective and with which behaviors they should be implemented.


In addition to this invaluable data set, we will continue to mold and reshape the culture with which RtI or MTSS exists in public education. Our primary objective is to meet student need. As our platform and the process of its implementation evolves based on user feedback, so too will our ability to meet student need holistically grounded in practical application.


The way we see it.

Our platform blends technology and 18 years of practical experience in special education.

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Our Vision

In less than 10 seconds, teachers can log student behaviors securely in the cloud. Based on those behaviors, the Edfiniti Platform™ can provide real-time, proven interventions to minimize disruption in the learning environment. This saves teacher time, keeping them focused on instruction. It also improves the efficacy of interventions and tracks the success/failure of the intervention.


With Edfiniti, school administrators have a behavioral reporting system. Teachers and parents know that a comprehensive, objective system is managing behavioral problems in the school.

The Edfiniti Platform is an ever-evolving, totally secured, research laboratory of student behaviors and corresponding interventions, matching these with growing precision to support the instructional process and the engagement of students.

See a Demo of the Edfiniti Platform

Below is a short demo on the Edfiniti Platform.
It shows both the mobile iOS app, and then the web portal which is designed for school administrators and teachers.